Firm Highlights

The Texas Top 100 by Texas Lawyer:

  • Germer PLLC is proud to be ranked the 40th largest law firm in Texas for 2017.

Recent Additions to the firm:

  • Selina A. Contreras – Houston Office
  • Brett Levinson – Austin Office
  • Darah Eckert – Houston Office
  • Yenet Benitez – Houston Office
  • Fabio Dworschak – Houston Office
  • Nadine Ona – Beaumont Office
  • Taylor Montgomery – Beaumont Office
  • Mark Ratway – Houston Office

Franklin Hopkins & Maria Hexel’s recent events:

  • An appeal to the Texas Department of State Health Services resulted in the insurance company withdrawing their recoupment request from the provider/client.

Chad Geisler’s recent trials:

  • On November 29, 2017, Chad obtained a defense verdict in Cause No. 274,364; Anderson v. Baylor, Scott, & White; in the 146th Judicial District Court of Bell County, Texas.

Christy Amuny’s recent trials:

  • Christy recently obtained a favorable verdict in Cause No. D-196,694; Edward Ryan v. Stephen Muller; in the 136th Judicial District Court of Jefferson County, Texas.

Recent Publication by Sonny Eckart:

  • Sonny Eckhart published an article titled Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in the Fall 2017 Edition of Volume 80 of The Advocate in the symposium edition “Before You File Suit.” The article is available in print and on Westlaw at 80 The Advoc. (Texas) 12.

Recent Presentation by Scott Crutchfield:

  • Scott Crutchfield served as a member of a panel at the May 2017 Southwest Mortgagee Advisory Council Annual Conference in Fort Worth. His presentation focused on the logistics and potential complications that arise in transactions involving Multifamily apartment financing and which combine HUD-Insured Loans, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds and other miscellaneous features.

Troy Williams and Robin Blanchette’s recent trials:

  • Premises liability case. The Plaintiff slipped and fell in front of a national retailer’s ice freezer. The retailer did not have any mats down and did not warn of the water which was admittedly on the floor. Plaintiff injured his low back and underwent a lumbar fusion. Trial took place in Federal Court and at the conclusion of the Plaintiff’s case, Defendant argued for a directed verdict based on the Plaintiff’s testifying expert’s failure to establish causation. Specifically, after the expert testified that the surgery was necessitated due to the slip and fall, on cross, the surgeon admitted that two subsequent incidents may have caused injury to the Plaintiff. The case was tried by Robin Blanchette and Troy Williams of the firm’s Houston Office.

Christy Amuny’s events:

  • Presented the Evidence Update to the State Bar of Texas Advanced Evidence and Discovery Seminar in Houston on April 6, 2017 and San Antonio on May 19, 2017.
  • Christy Amuny serves as the Course Director for the 10th Annual Damages in Civil Litigation Course for the Texas Bar CLE, to be presented in February 2018.
  • Christy Amuny serves as the Program Chair for the Texas Association of Defense Counsel Winter Seminar, to be held in February 2018.

Mitch Smith’s events:

  • Spoke at the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel’s Winter Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on March 8, 2017. Include description: “The Gentlemanly (and Gentlewomanly) Art of Jurisdictional Warfare-Moscow Rules Apply” (an update on the application of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Daimler Ruling regarding general jurisdictional requirements to state court FELA actions.

Paul Starr’s recent trials:

  • Civil Action No. A:10-CA-522-S; Regina Jackson, et al. v. John S. Ford, M.D. and Travis County, Texas; In the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas
  • Cause No. DC-10-417; Roma Independent School District v. Ewing Construction Co., et al.; In the 381st Judicial District Court of Starr County, Texas.
  • Cause No. 8,030; Zapata Independent School District v. Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc., et al.; In the 49th Judicial District Court of Zapata County, Texas.


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